Sunday, 10 November 2013

I Hate Mondays

Normally I don't like this little critter, but today I am embracing his famous words, "I Hate Mondays!!" because yes, this is a Monday that wants to destroy my, normally cheerful, spirit. Pull all her hair out, paint her pink and make her screaming mad, kind of destroy. Why you may ask?? Well this is how my day has gone so far, but long story short I now hate Mondays.

7.45: Woke up to a distressing alarm bell coming from my phone and a text from the boyfriend; “Good Luck for your exam today! x”.
8.06: In the shower, which had decided to grow hair overnight. – Really my hair just falls out really easily and makes my shower look like a woolly mammoth, YUCK!!
8.15: Dressed
8.32: Bag packed and running out the door to drive to school, forgetting my normal breakfast apple.
8.55: Walk into exam; hungry.
9.11: Read Exam; hungry.
9.13: *oh frick….*               - I think this is self explanitory; the exam was hard.
9.20: Exam starts
9.21: Look at the whiteboard, thinking about my hairy shower and how maybe I should buy some hair treatment to make my hair stay on my head. Then how I didn't eat anything this morning; still hungry.
9.24: Actually start exam.
10.46: Finish exam in record time. Answer all but 2 questions. Rather exciting but scary because I NEED to know if I’ve passed. And now!!
10.48: Eat a hard boiled egg and almonds. Now not hungry.
11.10: In library printing out information that I don’t have for my next exam, texting and thinking about home. Need Bed.
11.48: Phone dies just because it’s a Monday. Of course my phone is going to die in the middle of the day on a MONDAY. Still needing bed.
12.00: And I am now trying to study for my next exam on Wednesday and all I can really think about is how comfy my bed will be when I get home.
12.08: HOME TIME!!! Decided to go home for a nap to give my brain some energy/procrastinating.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

It Is An Honor To Be Your Big Sister

My Brother:
This is when he stopped growing in my eyes
This post is dedicated to my awesome little brother.
 Here is a little facts list a came up with, telling you all a bit about him.

5 B*tchen Brother Facts:

  1. He is tall, blonde and hansom. With green eyes that change colour (like mine).
  2. He can be the most annoying person in the world at times and will never listen to what you say. But when I'm away from him and haven't talked to him in ages, I realize that this is what makes him so special. He is determined and will stick to his guns, even when you know you're right, but he believes in him self that much.
  3. He is the most talented guitar player EVER!! He can pick up a guitar and just play around with the strings, it may sound like noise to some people but I know he is developing the most beautiful music.
  4. My brother is now 16 years and 14 days old but he still is my little brother that is in the picture above.
  5. He has the WICKEDEST sense of humor, and always uses it only for good. Whether you have had the worst day or showing him funny pictures in your nursing books, he will always put a smile on your dile. - Honestly think he should be a comedian.
There is defiantly more but I would be typing for ever and you would all just want to marry my brother. And we all know that no one touches my little brother until they have passed and completed my test. Girls you better watch your backs, cos he has me as a big sister. And I can learn how to kill :p

Now.. he has grown into a pimp :o
I love you so much little brother and please don't let my accomplishment's or anyone else's, get in the way of making yourself the best you can be. Use those people as targets and say to yourself "One day I am going to be better than you because I worked harder". You have grown into someone that I am proud to call my brother, you have your moments wee one, but you will still be amazing to your family no matter what you do.

Remember that book mum used to read to us? "No matter what", well you will always be my brother no matter what and I will always be there for you. Like when you used to hang out with me at school when you felt like you had no friends, I am always here!!

- Happy Birthday for the 19th. I hoped you liked your gifts xx

Friday, 1 November 2013

For Weight Loss, Water Is Your Best Friend.

So I think I need to put up my final progress photo's. I have finished my diet now and I'm going to continue to eat healthy, maybe even go for a run once a week!! I like my body at the moment. It's a nice relief and I do feel better; happier and more awake throughout the day. The only problem now is that I am continuously freaking thirsty!! Because of all the water I had to drink for my diet, my body has gotten used to it. I wake up, I'm thirsty. I sit down at school, I'm thirsty. I'm about to fall asleep, yup you guessed it, I am THIIIIRSTY!!

"For weight loss, water is your best friend". Well my best friend water, I don't want to loose anymore weight, I demand a break up!!!!!!

Well that's the last of my problem's at the moment. It is coming to the end of my first school year of nursing and life is stressful. The post I wrote ages ago about stress, well I am defiantly feeling those symptoms now. And being organised isn't helping. So I do apologize for not posting in ages and I also apologize in advanced that I will most likely not be posting until my school year is finished.

My next posts will be about my darling brother and how freaky it is that he is now 16!! And also my exciting plans for the summer.

Wish me luck for exams and all the other stuff I have to still do for school. Woop woop!!


- I am now 65kg :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

So Sick of Child Poverty!!

This assignment I previously mentioned before is driving me insane. If you haven't guessed, it is about child poverty in New Zealand and how it affects health. I have been doing it for almost a week and a half now and I am over it.

Things I hate about this essay:
  • So sick of typing words that look like I've written them but really I'm just rewriting thoughts or facts other people have said.
  • Decided that I am going to give every poor person a nice house when I'm rich, cause I'm over hearing about all these children being in hospital because of their old, cold and mouldy homes.
  • Over seeing pictures of scabies!!
  • This essay is taking way too long to write and I don't want to stay at Pop's house and have to get up at 7 am to get to school on time. 
  • I hate how I can write this essay within 800 words but they give you an extra 1000 to bullshxt your way to A++++ which is never going to happen!!
  • Hate how all I want to do is eat chocolate and watch movies on YouTube.
  • I have realized that I honestly suck at writing conclusions because I feel like I'm writing the same as the introduction but in past tense.
  • The numb butt I get from sitting all day.

- For some reason I'm in a list's mood today, interesting.... 

Keep Calm & Just go To BALI !!!!

So I am going to Bali in December for Christmas and my Birthday!!

I can't wait. My stomach has been doing jumping-jacks since I officially agreed to go yesterday. EEEEEEEEEHHHHHH Bali people!!

It has only just now hit me that I don't know anything about Bali. So I've done some research and have come up with some fun facts I call "Going Bonkers for Bali"!!
Ehhhhh Excitement :)


  • The capital of Bali is Denpasar.
  • Population: 3 million.
  • The people there are, 'Balinese'.
  • Most people practice the Hindu religion there
  • Wet season is November - March and will be an average of 30ยบC+ when I'm there.
  • Humidity is very high, minimum 70%. Inhaler I will need you!!
  • The three spoken languages are Balinese, Indonesian and Kawi.
I am so excited and it will be so cool to blog from there!!

I must go now, have to finish this assignment due tomorrow.


Friday, 4 October 2013

Progress is Equal to the Effort You Put Into Something

Photo One
So it's been almost two weeks of my diet and I thought I could share some progress photos. There isn't much difference so far because it is still early days but I have lost 2kg.

In picture one, this is me at 71kg, and I am now 69kg (as seen in photo two) and I'm slowly going down. There may not be very much difference yet but I'm getting there. And I feel good.

Summer body here I come!!
Photo Two

- I have blackened out some parts because I don't think it's appropriate to put those things on the internet.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Why Don't Celebrities Lock Their Car's In The Movies?

 Okay so I promised I would tell you the story of my car. I'm going to keep things short and sweet though because it is a weeh bit sad. For me anyway..

First things first... This is Alfred. He is a brown Honda Accord, born in 1985. The story behind his name is due to the fact that I am a big fan of Batman (no thanks to my mother). When I was younger I always wanted a wise, old butler like Batman's butler, Alfred. So I bought one. My car is old and he helps me by transporting me round and keeps me safe, therefore the name Alfred.

Plus, he is the coolest car ever!! He has lots of space and perfect for road trips. states that this car was "one of the most reliable cars on the US market, a position it still holds today". And I do stand by that statement as it is still working fine even after what happened to it...

This is Alfred now.

And here's the sweet short story about his boo boo:

My boyfriend and I went into town to celebrate a friends birthday. He was the sober driver, as I was drinking, and he took my car because it has more room than his car. Anyhoo, as we were driving home on the motorway, after dropping off everyone at their homes, the front tire blew and he lost control of the car. The side of the rammed itself into the concrete barrier that lies in the middle of the road. Causing these scratches on Alfred's side. - I also should add we were going 100km the whole time.

It may not look at bad but the inside damage is more extensive. I can't fix it because the cost of repairs is more than the cars worth. So I now have seven days to find a new car and buy it with the $0 dollars in my savings account. Seven days is when the WOF runs out.

Remember how I mentioned road trips before? Well this is exactly what my friend and I had organised to do this summer, road trip up to the top of the country and go to a big concert. But now tickets are too expensive or sold out and we have no car. If I don't have a car in seven days or at least the end of this year, I am going to go more crazy than I already am.

Wish me luck!!

- I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey at the moment and just read this, "Collecting my bag, I shrug on my jacket and head for the door. Out in the early evening air of Seattle, I take a deep breath. It doesn't begin to fill the void in my chest, a void that's been present since Saturday morning, a painful hollow reminder of my loss. I walk toward the bus stop with my head down, staring at my feet and contemplating being without my beloved Wanda, my old Beetle... or the Audi". It's just nice to know that even Anastasia know's what I'm talking about.